Common Boiler Problems

  • Boiler is not working properly or won't turn on
  • Certain rooms or offices are too hot or too cold
  • Strange noises are coming from the Boiler
  • The thermostat is not working properly
  • No heat or minimal heat in certain rooms

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Radiant Heating

Radiant heat is a very maintainable, healthy heat that is absorbed by the environment around it. Radiant heat keeps your home warm longer and more consistently, instead of overheating which causes heat loss.

Clearing The Air
We know that Forced air systems blow hot air in your home, but what most of us don't realize is that forced air also pushes dust, allergens and other airborne particles in every room.

Healthy Living
By improving indoor air quality we can reduce many occurrences of asthma, allergies, medical bills and more.

Reduce Pollutants
Studies show that dust mite populations are reduced by as much as 90% in radiant heated homes.

Relax at Home
Quiet and peaceful environment, free of noisy fans and blowers.

RH Heating & Air Conditioning offer the broadest array of boiler systems in the area. Whether you need the traditional reliability of American made gas boilers, or the latest high efficiency gas boiler systems, we have the experience and support necessary to help you make the right choice.

The fastest growing segment in hydronics today is high efficiency modulating water boilers. Based on technology first used in Europe and the Far East, these products a generally light weight, space saving, and utilize advances control and operating systems.

Light weight and compact - these systems do not require traditional utility space. Rather, their modern styling and extremely quiet operation allows them to be installed in many applications that would simply not be possible with a traditional boiler.

Domestic Condensing Boilers are up to 90% more efficient that conventional cast iron models.

RH Heating & Air Conditioning services and repairs all makes and models of gas boilers. We install featured, industry leading gas from Crown Boiler.

Highly efficient modulating operation provides unparalleled comfort regardless of current weather conditions

Typical applications range from homes and apartments up to very large institutional buildings such as schools, universities and government buildings.

Domestic Condensing Boilers are up to 90% more efficient that conventional cast iron models.

Cast Iron boilers can provide long term trouble free service in natural gas, or propane. They can integrate with either hot water or steam system.